Changes in Motor Vehicle Division beginning January 1, 2022

Announcement From Revenue Commissioner Cindy Pennington:

There are several changes taking effect for 2022 in the motor vehicle division of the Talladega County Revenue Office, beginning January 1.

Everyone that has a county plate (61) will be issued a new plate with a new design.

 As per the Alabama Department of Revenue, all handicap tag/placard holders must recertify in office for new plate and placard. We will no longer issue a handicap plate. Any plate can now be a handicap plate. All plates that are issued as handicap will have a blue decal in upper left- hand corner of tag.

Bicentennial (200th Travel) tag is back and can be purchased again this year with new design.

Per the State of Alabama Marine Control Division all boat registrations will increase by $5.00.  

Boat owners will need to renew their boat registration in person at one of our four locations or online by clicking here.