Business License

The State of Alabama requires persons, firms, or corporations that engage in or transact any trade, business, commerce, occupation, vocation, or profession for gain or profit to pay a license fee.  You may also need a license from the city that you will be operating the business in.  You should obtain a business license prior to opening your business.

The Talladega County Revenue License Division sells State Business License.  You will need to complete a Business License ApplicationDue to many types of business license, rules, regulations and fees, we suggest contacting us to obtain information needed regarding Business License.

Business Licenses are valid for for a fiscal year beginning October 1 and ending September 30 of the following year.  Business licenses must be renewed during the month of October every year.   License will be delinquent on November 1.   

Renewal notices are sent out as a courtesy only.  Alabama law mandates penalties for failure to renew a business license during the specified renewal period.

State Business License fees are determined by the exact nature and type of business.   You should contact us for more information.  Some licenses require State Regulatory Permits in order to issue, such as auto dealers, food establishments, air conditioning contractors, etc.